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If there is anything, and I do mean ANYTHING in your life, world or affairs that you are willing and ready to heal, this work is something you want to discover and embrace.  Resonance Repatterning itself is powerful, however, the essence and energy that Meryl brings to the work takes it to a deeper, more profound level and experience.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed.
Rev. Iyanla Vanzant, Author, Founder, Executive Director
Inner Visions Institute For Spiritual Development

Working with Meryl has achieved instantaneous life changing results. I find her methods to be immediately helpful and are a dramatic improvement upon all forms of conventional therapy.
Stacia H, Mamaroneck, NY
Meryl is a warm and wonderful teacher. Her classes are a delight! And I really learned. Best of all it really works!
Dean K, New York, NY

My session with Meryl was both enlightening and extremely healing. I was left feeling very empowered and overall it was a great experience. Meryl is also a fantastic teacher as well as a dedicated healer. She is very sensitive and delivers information in a clear way that makes the information easy to receive. She has been a blessing in my life at a time when I was in need and I highly recommend working with Meryl to everyone.
Beth Joy G, Queens, NY
The monthly Resonance Repatterning practice group in New York that Meryl has so graciously and brilliantly organized and presided over, is a guaranteed joyous high point of every month for me.  Her guidance and teaching deepens with each passing day helping the entire group to achieve new levels of coherence.
Taking a Resonance Repatterning seminar with Meryl is a rare treat.  Her teaching style is not only organized and easily followed, but joyous and inspiring.  Each time I have a chance to retake a class with her I'm gifted with deeper understanding of the materials and the system as a whole.
Joie J, Certified RR Practitioner, NY

Working with Meryl has changed my life. Meryl is an incredibly brilliant, gifted, inspired and nurturing practitioner and teacher. Because of working with Meryl I have been able to leave an abusive marriage and become a Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner. My life is now a journey of upliftment and endless possibilities. Meryl is my angel.
Gladys M, Certified RR Practitioner, NJ

I thoroughly enjoyed working and growing with Meryl even through times that looked difficult. We managed to clear up so many issues. Each session was whole and complete within itself. I finally felt more "my self" and confident in my choices.I definitely got to where I am now with the work that was started and completed then. I am grateful for the experience and so absolutely trusted Meryl and the process.
Karen D, Chadds Ford, PA
Meryl is an outstanding teacher. She is loving, patient, thorough, has an unbelievable intuition and most importantly has the natural ability to create a safe and open space that allows for deep healing to take place. Working on one's self often requires a great amount of courage, and Meryl provides the love and support that is needed to allow the areas of our lives that are most in need of healing to be revealed. I left her courses with a very solid foundation in Resonance Repatterning and secure in the knowledge that I am supported and can ask for help at anytime. Meryl loves teaching, loves Resonance Repatterning ,and practices what she preaches! Working with her and Resonance Repatterning can absolutely shift your life and open up wonderful possibilities you may not have even dreamed of!
Beth P, New York, NY

I began working with Meryl during some very difficult and painful times, during a separation and divorce in which my child was absconded with.  Meryl provided me with an environment to begin healing in, and helped me find new ways to understand the things that were happening with me and around me, gently, guidingly and naturally.
The new perspectives that she helped me discover have stayed with me, and I have gone on to seek her counsel now and then during less disturbing times as well.
Howie E, New York, NY
Meryl is a gifted healer and teacher. Her insight, knowledge, compassion and grace are immeasurable.  Anyone would be blessed to have the chance to know and learn from Meryl.
Derek N, New York, NY

Meryl Chodosh Weiss is a good-humored, experienced teacher who genuinely nurtures her students with her sincere commitment to personal transformation.  Her natural, intuitive gifts come to fore while positive learning and growth take place whether in private sessions or group classes.  Sensitivity and Love are her two secret weapons!
Carol C, Queens, NY

I have benefited greatly from the Resonance Re-patterning work that Meryl Weiss has led me through. We have touched upon every major area of my life, identifying where my inner conflict was paralyzing me & with her guidance I have Re-patterned many those areas of my life including my Jewish Spirituality, Business, Relationships & Well being.
Today I am clear about what I want and I project outwards into the world my aligned visions and Goals.
Meryl has done more for enhancing the quality of my life than anyone has.
Reuben E, New York, NY

I took Meryl's Fundamentals/Empowerment training a few years ago. I have recently begun using many of the modalities in breathing exercises I lead at the in-patient (psychiatric) hospital where I work as a psychotherapist/ Art Therapist.  It's great to enable people to address their anxiety, depression, and feelings of disconnectedness with interventions that are natural and healthy.
Hope C, Los Angeles, CA
Meryl has been practicing Resonance Repatterning for almost as long as Chloe has been teaching.  She is a gifted practitioner and an inspired teacher.  But what has meant the most to me as her student is her personal dedication to my learning and professional development.  Secondly, she gathers together practitioners, from seasoned professionals to RR beginners for expanded learning in warm, personal, value-packed informational group sessions.
Merrill T, LCSW, Certified RR Practitioner

Meryl was the first person to introduce me to Resonance Repatterning and I was so fascinated that I knew from the first session that I wanted to learn the process. Her calming presence balances out her skill and intellect so that a Resonance Repatterning session with her feels inherently natural. Working with Meryl was wonderful and she really helped me move forward through some tough blocks so I could move onto the next, more productive, and far more blissful phase of my life. I have since gone on to become a Student Practitioner of Resonance Repatterning and find that the Repatterning work I continue to do on myself has been the key to helping me significantly increase my income and handle life’s ups and downs.
Michelle O, RR Student Practitioner, Memphis, TN
You are the heart of the RR community, which you have built with tremendous commitment and dedication.  Your loving, generous, wise, and discerning teaching nourishes us on so many levels, helps us ripen our skills, talents, dreams; and lets us easily integrate RR into our lives.
Trinket W, New York, NY

Your classes demonstrate a teacher displaying confidence, creativity, capability and grace.
Diane "Dee" J, Certified RR Practitioner, WV

A comfortable and welcoming atmosphere with plenty of support and a teacher that makes it her business, through her professional teaching acumen, to be sure you get it, with lots of good humor thrown in!
Caroline J, LCSW, NJ
Meryl is a wonderful warm and savvy teacher and coach. I met her at my first class with Chloe in 1996.  I don’t know where I would be without her encouragement and support on this journey. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have Meryl Chodosh Weiss as their Resonance Repatterning Teacher and mentor has nothing to worry about.
Marelisa A, New York, NY
Meryl has helped me to become my own source of Light and Grace and to find and attract that Light and Grace from all around me.  Our sessions and classes of Resonance Repatterning have helped immensely in my quest for a full and happy Life.
Mark D, New York, NY

Meryl Chodosh-Weiss is a brilliant and inspiring teacher and practitioner.  When I first met Meryl, I was relatively new to energy healing and had difficulty in understanding the concepts.  She answered my endless questions and resolved my doubts with respect, sensitivity and compassion, matching her responses to my particular needs.
Sonja M, LCSW, NY
Meryl brings her own special style to every encounter so you leave feeling lifted and loved, with a sense that anything is possible. She is a sensitive and skilled teacher, who brings clarity and joy to the learning process. Without Meryl’s guidance, I never would have been certified as quickly as I was.  I am thankful to Meryl for her dedication, knowledge and especially for creating such a community where we can grow in our use of RR and connect with others in the process.  Years of training and an innate ability to use the RR process create a great combination, so the results are just what they need to be, facilitating optimal learning and growth.
Paula C, LCSW, Certified RR Practitioner, NY

Meryl combines genuine warmth, intuitive compassion and dedication to those she serves. An oasis of heart, holding space,she demonstrates care and commitment, repatterning in resonance,bringing love light and gratitude,to all she touches in this very special work.
Dr. Scott E, Psychiatrist , Austin, TX

Many thanks for such a fantastic weekend. I can't wait to start using these tools in a more advanced way. There were wonderful coaches and want to thank you for the combo of folks. They each were inspiring. It was just great!
Lou Ann S, Queens, NY
My experience with Meryl was another step of being healthy in my body and mind. Meryl helped me move forward by Releasing feelings and thoughts that were held within me that I didn't even know I had. It was as if my cells were talking to her, in the crevices of what had been held within.
Belinda J, New York, NY

Thanks to all for a fantastic seminar! I left thoroughly fulfilled and full of excitement!
Carrie C, ME
I just wanted to thank you for all the attention you gave us at the classes.  They were great and continue to amaze me.
Eric K, St. Petersburg, FL
I've been practicing RR and find I am much more fluent than before. Your workshop made every thing clearer.
Yukine C, London, England

In 7 years of traditional therapy, I had not made the progress that I have with Meryl’s private practice of resonance repatterning in the span of 1 year. I am most transformed in the areas of personal power, self-esteem, and overall happiness. She is so in tune with me that I can tell Meryl the whole-absolute- truth without any judgment. She is so in sync with me that it is uncanny. Competence is acquired painlessly in her classes.
Giselle S, Queens, NY

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