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Services provided at Resonant Healing
Holistic Psychotherapy is based on the recognition that every person is intrinsically self-healing. Stored in each person’s body/mind/spirit/energy system are the keys to experiencing wholeness, well being, and fulfillment.

Psychotherapy and counseling at Resonant Healing help each client access their own innate wisdom by drawing attention to the synergistic ways that their bodies, thoughts, feelings, actions and sensing form their experience of themselves and the world.

The result is that new life strategies and balanced ways of being are developed that support healthy interaction on all levels between the processes of the feeling body, the thinking mind and the emotionally-infused spirit. The client becomes more empowered and able to relate to themselves and others with understanding, respect, appreciation, and joy.

Meryl Chodosh-Weiss has practiced as a licensed clinical social worker for more than thirty-five years. At Resonant Healing holistic Psychotherapy/Counseling sessions are available for: Treatment specialization includes:
Infinity Healing is a dynamic new energy transfer process publicly introduced through Meryl Chodosh-Weiss in July 2012. Through non-verbal energy transmissions the ancient, universal infinity symbol is used to anchor specific new frequencies in each recipient.

These frequencies can be characterized as being catalysts for people to uncover and fully experience their essential, connected selves with optimal wellness in their bodies, minds, emotions and spirit. Each session is individualized according to the needs of the person at that moment in time. The practitioner accesses the recipient’s energy field by using applied kinesiology, or muscle checking, to determine exactly how the infinity symbol is to be energetically transferred to the recipient in the session.

Because the energy of Infinity Healing is so specific and individualized what people report experiencing in the process and outcomes varies from person to person.

It is said by many people that we are now living in an age that is a renaissance for humanity- that a new earth is uncovering- that we are all experiencing the shift of the ages. Infinity Healing seems to be related to helping each individual update their energy systems to accommodate the changes with resilience and grace.

Infinity Healing sessions are available
Infinity Healing is a work in progress. Click here for current and past discussions.
Infinity Healing
Brainspotting is theraputic tool that came out of Dr. David Grand’s work with EMDR and Somatic Experiencing. It is an effective, efficient way to implement the fact that where you look affects how your feel.

By identifying and utilizing the natural ways of focusing the eyes, residue from past experiences can be accessed and issues resolved. Brainspotting can help decrease depression, anxiety, phobias, addictions and it can be used for all types of trauma.

Resolution happens in the context of the therapeutic relationship a person has with the therapist and through the processing that occurs when the thinking, analytical brain is bypassed by the brainspot’s automatic connection to material stored in the sub-cortical, non-verbal areas of the brain.

This is the latest tool in my repertoire. The results I have personally experienced from the sessions I receive and the results my clients are seeing are deep and significant.

For more information about Brainspotting please go to these websites
Rocky Mountain Brainspotting Institute
Resonance Repatterning®, aka Holographic Repatterning®, is a verbally interactive healing system that can be used by a person on themselves or with a practitioner. Founded by Chloe Faith Wordsworth, it is a process that shifts a person’s vibratory frequency and their resonance in relation to any area of their life.

The work literally alters the person’s energetic affinities (as measured via muscle checking throughout the session) resulting in clearance on an energetic level of resonance with negative patterns, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and frequencies that were the perpetuated limitations of the person’s history.

With the energy field transformed, the person can begin to manifest and bring to life positive coherent outcomes that are consciously chosen. The choices can now reflect what the individual’s heart most desires and all that helps the person to express and be their most blissful, inspired self.

This powerful, accurate process allows the client to be attuned to and experience greater empowerment, creativity, positive self-esteem, improved relationships and performance in every aspect of life.

At Resonant Healing, Resonance Repatterning sessions are available for
Sessions can be done
Click here for more details regarding Resonance Repatterning sessions.
An Introduction To
An Introduction to Resonance Repatterning

What is Resonance?

What is Muscle Checking?

Resonance Repatterning has been source of joy, inspiration and creativity in Meryl’s personal and professional life since 1996. Her enthusiasm for the process results from the trans- formative power she has witnessed in her own experiences as well as her professional work with students and clients.

As a former teacher of Resonance Repatterning, a past chair of the Repatterning Practitioners Association Certification Board, and as a current RPA Designated Observer for the RPA Certification process, Meryl continues to support the Repatterning community of students, Student Practitioners and Certified Practitioners in the following ways:
Both the Skills Development Group and the classes count towards the fulfillment of the Repatterning Practitioners Association membership requirement of taking continuing education courses. Attending fosters greater understanding, mastery and continued deepening of Repatterning practice skills.

Some tutoring and tutorial observations can be facilitated using Zoom.

For archives about this facet of the Resonant Healing practice see the Newsletter/blog
Reiki Energy Healing: Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a gentle, holistic energy healing process that enhances spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health. It reduces stress and induces relaxation. It originated in Japan in the early 1900’s by Dr. Mikao Usui.

Reiki leads to a reinvigoration of Mind, Body and Spirit. It is a simple, successful, yet powerful system of natural healing which allows practitioners to transmit to you a universal energy called ki, chi, or prana.

This is usually done by means of a light touch of the hands, but the treatment is equally effective without contact.

It is well known that stress is a prominent factor in the reduction of the immune system's effectiveness. Dis-ease is often the result of stress compromising the immune system.

Reiki's purpose is to assist the body in balancing areas of imbalance. The goal is to restore and maintain optimal balance in a person’s body/mind/spirit system. Because of its unique qualities, Reiki is able to provide a person with exactly what is needed on all levels.

A typical Reiki treatment lasts 45 minutes to an hour. The client lies clothed on a massage table in a room conducive to the treatment. The introduction of soothing music helps to heighten relaxation.

At Resonant Healing Meryl, a Reiki Master and natural healing agent, adds her own healing energy to the traditional Usui Reiki session. She often includes vocalizations and inspired melody to advance healing. Reiki Sessions are available:
Disclaimer: All of the content contained in this website is for informational and educational purposes only. It has not been reviewed/approved by the FDA, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

The energy healing services provided at Resonant Healing are not recommended substitutions for treatment by qualified medical professionals.

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