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What is Resonance? Muscle Checking? Proxy Work?

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What is resonance?
Resonance refers to the fact that one thing of a particular frequency or note can set another thing of the same frequency or note in motion. This is true regardless of what that "thing" is - whether it's an object, a thought, a feeling, a word, etc.

As an illustration, imagine a room full of tuning forks, with some tuned to the frequency of the note of "A" (440 cycles per second) and some tuned to the frequency of the note of "B" (493.88 cycles per second), if you were to strike one "A" tuning fork, all of the other "A" forks would start to vibrate, whereas the "B" tuning forks would stay still. This is what physicists call sympathetic resonance.

The most powerful law in the Universe is that like frequencies attract like frequencies. What you resonate with, you will attract. What you don't resonate with, you don't attract. Changing your resonance is the basis for all positive change because when we resonate with something it is a part of our being in a very fundamental way. It is the vibrational frequency that we are sending out to the Universe and it is what comes back to us. And this happens without effort, as a natural function of our being, just like the beating of our hearts -- we don't have to think about it -- our system takes care of it automatically.

What is muscle checking?
Muscle checking, more commonly called Kinesiology, is a form of biofeedback that gives us access to the wisdom of our entire body/mind/spirit system. Using the strength or weakness of a muscle as an indicator, we can identify the non-coherent wave patterns (earlier experiences, limiting beliefs and perceptions) that we are resonating with and the coherent wave patterns resonating with (intentions, goals, and aspirations.) with which we are not resonating. Often our non-coherent patterns are hidden from our consciousness. Muscle checking is a way to by-pass the censoring of the mind. It taps into the deep inner knowing of our entire body/mind/spirit system.

Muscle Checking is a binary response system that gives one of two answers, which, in Resonance Repatterning, we call ON or OFF. By asking a series of questions and using the muscle checking to get the response from the client's entire system, not just the conscious brain, we can zero in on exactly what the client needs to make lasting, positive change. Through muscle checking, RR gets to the heart of any problem, whether physical, emotional, mental or on the spirit level.

How does the muscle checking work by proxy?
I act as proxy for the client, whether it's an individual or a group, and use my own muscle to check the client's or group's energy field. This is possible because we are all a part of the same energy system and come from the same energy source --whether one calls it God or the Big Bang Theory. We are all in communication at the sub-atomic level. The muscle checking is a way to tap into this conversation by asking specific questions and getting the answers through the binary ON/OFF muscle indicator response.

The muscle checking works by proxy on the physics principle of non-locality. We are all part of the same energy system, or hologram. A hologram is a three dimensional image made of light. Each part of the hologram contains all of the information of the whole. With your permission, I hold the intention that I am accessing information about that part of the hologram which is you. And when I do a group proxy session with all of the participants' permission I tap into each part of the hologram that contains information about each of the participants.

Adapted from and used by permission of Elizabeth Tobin

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