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An Introduction to
Resonance Repatterning


Holographic Repatterning
Holographic Repatterning

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Resonance Repattterning® uses muscle checking, as in applied kinesiology, to access information from a person's higher conscious mind and their unconscious mind/body system to identify beliefs, energy patterns, thoughts and feelings that underlie any issue that the person is ready to transform in any area of their life.

The muscle checking is done on the person's forearm and what the person resonates with, or is in tune with energetically, keeps the muscles steady when gentle touch is applied.

What the person does not resonate with, is not energetically in tune with, in terms of a stated idea, belief, feeling or energetic system, does not keep the person's muscle steady. Therefore the same exact touch used by the practitioner on the person's forearm, is sufficient for the client’s arm to release and move down.

In this process, the same kind of healing energy as in a Reiki session, or other healing modalities, is engaged in a verbal process. There are six distinct parts to the process. At each and in every part of the process muscle checking is used to ensure that the person's higher self/energy field is dictating the exact nature of what needs to be done, what needs to be brought to light, what is ready to be released and transformed.

Orientation establishes that both parties are in complete alignment and oriented energetically and spiritually to ensure that only the very highest good will be involved in every aspect of the work to be done together. Both are oriented towards what is nourishing and enlivening for the client.

A second part, Problems Into Opportunities, is where the client lists issues that they wish to resolve. A problem is something that we have, but that we don’t want. In this part, the primary issue is determined and exactly what needs to be cleared with that issue is established. This gathered information is then muscle checked with the client to confirm that the client is energetically holding the energy of what needs to be cleared, and that they are not in tune with the new possibilities that the problem offers.

In another part, the Intention For A New Possibility, we are often led to shed light on one or more of 18 areas of the person's life, (i.e. relationships, work, health, etc.) where the client does not have what they want. Affirmation like, positive, present tense statements are composed and then muscle-checking the client confirms which aspects they are or are not energetically holding in their body-mind system.

With the purpose of the session having been made clear, either in the context of an opportunity the unwanted problem offers or in terms of the desired new possibilities in positive intentions, then a Repatterning might be the next part. The Repatterning shows a specific way of looking at the issue, which specific angle of light, or perspective will bring the most effective, gentle change at that moment.

There are currently more than 75 different Repatternings written by Chloe Faith Wordsworth, the founder of the system,15 Repatternings written by Magui Block based on the Family Constellations work of Bert Hellinger, and numerous other Repatternings written by various Certified Repatterning practitioners.

Through muscle checking we are led to the exact one which will produce the greatest shift in resonance at that time. There are amongst the Repatternings those that deal with issues of vision (allowing light into the person's being through photons of light affecting the mind-body system), balance of masculine and feminine energies in the person, early belief repatternings, unconscious patterns repatternings, repatternings corresponding to the five elements of Chinese energy systems, the Chakra energy system, etc.

The next part involves the actual healing Modalities used to further the energy shifts. Here again the person's higher self dictates exactly what input of specific energy frequency will make the change occur. The modalities are organized by into categories of Process; Sound (possibly using tuning forks, hearing harmonic overtones); Color/Light (maybe a specific use of color through color gels to look through or a color filter torch); Movement (maybe free movement or Brain Gym movements) Breath (a Yoga breathing technique); Energy Contact (using crystals, acupressure or jin-shin points with tuning forks ,etc.) Fragrance (using an essential oil);.

After this is completed usually all of the statements are re-checked to confirm the shifts in resonance.

Sometimes a Positive Action is necessary for the client to do (their homework) to reinforce and strengthen the shifts that have occurred, and/ or to help shift other parts of the work that need to be integrated over time or intensified by a specific additional action.

All of this is only an approximation of what a session is like. Although I have listed the six parts sequentially, they can actually be done in any order, in any combination, and according to what is muscle checked to be needed as the session progresses.

In terms of work that is a verbal process, this is by far the most exciting, comprehensive and change producing work that I have come upon.

Sessions last for a maximum length of an hour and a half and vary according to the needs of the client. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and many of my regular psychotherapy clients submit their bills from me to their health insurance for reimbursement. My fees are $225.00 for the first and all subsequent sessions.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.

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